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Unlocked for purchase by recruiting Amuro (0079) as a scout.

Yuu KajimaEdit

Nature MP Growth COST CV Total Stats at Lv99
Cool 310 Normal S (390) 60900 Kōichi Yamadera 512
Yuu Kajima

LV Shooting Melee Reaction Defense Awakening Charisma MS Pilot Captain Operator Piloting Engineering
1 23 23 23 23 0 10 A A C B C
52 52 62 61 61 47 43
99 92 95 99 91 75 60

Name Effect Obtain conditions Remarks
The Blue Death When fighting against oponents with one of these abilities: Newtype, Enhanced Human, Artificial Newtype, Boosted Man, Extended, or Super Soldier, special shooting and melee attack damage up. +20% at Lv1. Initial +30% at MAX
Taciturn Defending and Defense up. +2 at Lv1. Level 6 +15 at MAX
Expert Unit terrain rating up by 1 grade (no effect on null terrain ratings). Level 18
Diligent Character’s earned experience up (Lv×10%). Level 32 EXP x2 at MAX
Mikiri (Clairvoyant/Omniscient) When the main unit, opponent's character abilities are negated. Level 60