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Unlocked for purchase by recruiting Amuro (CCA) as a scout.

Mafty Nauve Erin A.K.A. Hathaway NoaEdit

Nature MP Growth COST CV Total Stats at Lv99
Normal 330 Normal A (350) 70000 Nozomu Sasaki 473
Mafty Nauve Erin

LV Shooting Melee Reaction Defense Awakening Charisma MS Pilot Captain Operator Piloting Engineering
1 23 23 21 24 25 8 A B C A B
51 70 58 50 43 51 36

Name Effect Obtain conditions Remarks
Cautious Reaction and Defending up. Reaction and Defending +2 at Lv1. Initial
Newtype Reaction and Awaken values increased. Reaction and Awaken +3 at Lv1. Level 5
Fighting Spirit Tension gain increased. At the end of an attack, gained MP increased. Level 15
Hot Blooded As tension rises, Shooting, Melee, Reaction, Defending up. Level 32 High tension: +4
super high tension: +8
super one-hit critical: +12
Leadership Command abilities up. Master (master), group (captain), or team (team leader) range up.Range +1 at Lv1. Level 50 Range +6 at MAX